Custom Online Store

Custom Online Store

Get a custom online store for your school or organization!

How It Works

1. Select

Browse our product catalog to find your preferred styles and colors.

2. Design

Send us your logo or have us create a custom design for your products.

3. Shop

Share your custom link and let the orders roll in!

4. Ship

Once your store is closed and garments prepared we will ship orders as requested


Get Started


Take the hassle out of group orders! We handle all the payments, order printing, packaging and shipping. 

Trying to raise funds for your team/group? We offer all online stores the option to make their online store a fundraiser! 

A predetermined precentage of all store sales will go directly to your organization. 


Online Store Q&A

Q: How long will my store be open?

A: That is up to you! Most stores will remain open for 2-3 weeks to allow ample time for all members to place their orders.


Q: How long after the store closes will we receive the orders?

A: For screened apparel, garments will ship 7-10 business days after the store closing date. For embroidered garments it may take up to 3-4 weeks after store closure for all garments to ship. 


!Q: Will I have to sort the garments by order to distribute them?

A: Only if you want to! If you prefer all orders return to your office prior to distribution for a small up-charge on each garment we will do all the packaging, folding and sorting by customer for you for easy distribution. Lots of groups prefer to offer shipment directly to the customers to avoid any extra backend work for their organization. 


Q: Can we offer customizations on garments in our store, such as names, numbers etc?

A: YES! We are happy to offer any customization that will help make your store successful and profitable for your group. 


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